K. Cheecharern


Utilizing Blockchain Technology, Fullstack Web development in an iterative Lean Startup approach to solve your business use case.

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Agile Methodology

Utilizing Lean Startup and Agile methodology to iteratively generate proof of concepts and validate your idea

Full Stack Web

in 2017 Web encompasses everything. I utilize cutting edge, scalable web technology as a minimum viable product to solve your customer problems

Distributed Ledger Technology

We are in the early days of DLT. There is only a handful of people that have worked with and understand such technology. I can demonstrate and prototype quickly using multitude of DLT protocols

About K. Cheecharern

About K. Cheecharern

Founder of Cheeecharern.IO

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology could be the most disruptive technology of our time. There’s a huge need in this space for a developer that demonstrates 1) Ability to innovate through uncharted territory 2) Ability to identify, pitch and solve business requirement 3) High level understanding of Economics, Cryptography, Distributed Networks, and socio-economics . I believe I have the capability to address all of these requirements.

I’m a fast learning- multitalented DLT innovator that puts Business use case first. From high level concepts Keynote Speaking to Prototyping on Blockchain & Full-stack web applications. My biggest strength lies in my unyielding curiosity, foresights in learning new technology and the ability to ideate and solve problems. This and my large repertoire of skillsets make me an invaluable asset to any organization looking to innovate with the Distributed Ledger Technology

My Tools

Web TechnologyS

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Full Stack JavaScript
  • HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript ES6

Blockchain & DLT

  • Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contract
  • Hyperledger Fabric Composer
  • IOTA Tangle

What can I do for You?

Fullstack Web Development

Cutting Edge Web Development
  • From WordPress CMS to Ruby on Rails to FullStack JavaScript applications
  • Web sites and Applications is applicable for 98% of possible solution for your business problems

Blockchain Development

cutting edge DLT protocols
  • Benefits from Blockchain includes: Censorship resistant, trustless execution, Byzantine Fault Tolerance just to name a few
  • Whether you need a permission blockchain network or an unstoppable Decentralized App (dApp) on the public network. I can help you from POCs to deployment.


But do you really need a Blockchain?
  • A lot of enterprises and startups are determining whether they really need a Blockchain Solution
  • If you are one of them. We could meet up for a coffee or a conference call- where we determine what DLT protocols are suitable for you (or whether or not you need DLT in the first place)

Projects & Proof of Concepts

a Feeless Crowdfunding Solutions through the use of IOTA DLT
1st Runner Up Winner of the inaugural IOTA Tangle Hackathon

IOTA Crowdfunding


a solution utilizing machine learning algorithm
and distributed ledger to immutably catalog amount of Carbon stock and deforestations across given period.

RED+ Climate Ledger

Hack4Climate Hackathon, forestwealth.ml

Decentralized Micro-credential platform built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. Empower all organization to certify individuals with trustless and immutable authentication.

Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contract

Decentralized Application, BlockCred

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